It all started with a love for design

Hi, my name is Lananh Nguyen Anh. Shortenend you may call me: Lan. I'm studying Communication and Multimedia Design
at the Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Hague. Currently I'm searching for a graduation project in User Experience Design.


Designing with the ability to use my creative mind for solving problems is one of the main reasons I fell in love with User Experience Design. The thing that makes my approach for a project different from anybody else’s is that I will always try out lots of different options and possibilities while looking for the best fitting solutions. The key along the journey is choosing the best fitting solution. It's like choosing your favorite flavor ice cream!

Understanding, empathizing and doing profound userresearch is one of the main starting points during the design process. I love to design for people and making the design user-friendly as possible. While, making wireframesketches on paper I already have some thoughts on the way how people should interact with the interfaces. I try to create unforgettable experiences. The end-user should always be involved during the whole design process.


What whould you like to know?

...Obviously, I DO like you very much and hopefully you'd like me too

(Well... I want to start off with all the things I don't like because that list is really short.)

1. Sticky notes that don't stick to the wall

I can't live without colorful sticky notes. They help me maintain structure and give me focus throughout my chaotic design process. I write down all my things TO DO and creative ideas. It's really annoying when they don't stick to the wall.

2. Stressing out

Do you know anyone who likes to be stressed out? Well, I think that's very rarely. I'm someone who doesn't get stressed quickly. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by all the things I need to do for deadlines. In those moments I'd say motivational things to myself. Because after all in the end everything will be fine.

... besides designing

(Although... it mostly falls under the category designing.)

1. Drawing and sketching

When you give me some paper and a pencil, I can express myself by letting my imagination speak freely. I like to think that my drawing skills are making a significant contribution during the design process. Sketching ideas is also an important part of design. Nowadays, I learned to also create art in a digital form and use this to support and visualize the content for a better understanding. My biggest drawing project so far was last years wall drawing.

2. DIY & Fashion Design

Something I have done since elementary school is expressing my creativity throughout the things I made myself. This varies from necklaces, bracelets to unique birthday cards. I like to create a personal twist, a one of a kind piece. Sometimes I can sit behind the sewing machine for hours. Fashion is a great source inspiration.

3. Baking

I really enjoy the scent of freshly baked homemade cupcakes and cookies out of the oven. Spending time in the kitchen gives me the opportunity to try out new recipes. What better way to celebrate than with a piece of pie or a lovely cupcake?

4. Drinking a big cup of Trà Ô Long

I love drinking tea and Trà Ô Long is my favorite flavor. My parents are from Việt Nam. When I drink a cup of Trà Ô Long I feel more connected to the Vietnamese culture. Drinking a cup of tea gives me the time to relax and stop worrying about deadlines.

5. Waking up early to go for a run

I’m a happy morning person. I jump out of bed because I need my breakfast. I love taking the time for preparing my breakfast. After having breakfast, I go for a run. I try to work out twice a week, with the emphasis on try. It also depends on the weather. Only when it’s not raining, freezing or cold outside then I love being outdoors running about 10 kilometers.

6. Going out with friends

I like to surround myself with the people I love. With me around, you’ll always have a laugh. It’s probably because of my way of hiccups (note: this is a daily thing, so be prepared). Or my incredible clumsiness skills.

♥ Don't forget to take a look at my projects, I hope you fall in love with it ♥

© 2017 Lananh Nguyen Anh